StudyNT Student Ambassadors Program: What They Do And Why You Need Them?

    By Ken Teo at Ausinet – 11 November 2020 – Australian Institute of Electrotechnology

What is the StudyNT Student Ambassadors Program

Become a StudyNT Student Ambassador to promote NT international education

The StudyNT Student Ambassadors Program is a one-year initiative that begins in March each year and aims to promote Northern Territory international education and training providers. This program provides up to five days of professional development. Throughout the program, the ambassadors have the opportunity to:


  • attend formal events with local and international business people and delegations
  • present on their experiences as an international student
  • attend national events and conferences
  • participate in community events and activities
  • work up to 30 casual hours during the year-long program
  • meet political leaders, the business community and academics.

Who can and how to apply

To be eligible to enrol in StudyNT Student Ambassador Program, you must be:


  • an international student studying with a Northern Territory international education and training provider / a Territorian who holds a higher education scholarship from the Department of Trade, Business and Innovation and studying at Charles Darwin University
  • at least 16 years old
  • residing and studying with 1 of the 14 registered international education and training providers in the NT (Ausinet is one of them):
Who can and How to apply for StudyNT Student Ambassadors Program

To be recognised as a StudyNT Student Ambassador, you must then:


  • fill in the StudyNT study ambassador application when applications open.
  • attend an information session in Darwin CBD where you can get more details about the program and hear reviews from the past ambassadors (optional, registration required)
  • submit your application to before applications close
  • be available to participate in an interview in Darwin CBD
  • notification of successful ambassadors
  • attend the professional development days

Why Become a Student Ambassador

As a StudyNT Student Ambassador, you have many fantastic opportunities such as:


#1 Personal and professional development


There are opportunities to improve social and professional development offered within the Ambassador program. For example, you can learn about the Worker and Wellbeing Fund which provides emergency relief for international students and Territorians who lost their job due to COVID-19 to help those who need it. You can also meet many people from around the world with different cultures and backgrounds and increase your networking connections.


#2 Networking with other students, Territory employers and international delegations


You will build superb networks as an Ambassador as you will have the chance to participate in a range of exciting activities with other students, employers, academic staff and professionals from a variety of industries while gaining valuable mentoring and leadership experience. It is even possible that your work as an Ambassador could land you your dream job in the future.


#3 Valuable work and volunteering experience

Volunteer work and experience in Student Ambassadors Program

Volunteer work is a hugely rewarding experience. Being a student ambassador certainly gives you a heap of exposure to volunteer work. Being a volunteer not only opens your vision of the world, but also helps you understand how we can live together in peace and respect each other.


#4 Activities that complement your studies


Student Ambassadors can get involved in many interesting activities. For example, they organise open day events, volunteer in community expos and leading campus tours or school visits. As a student ambassador, you might even get a sponsored trip to travel within NT and assist with community service projects, student recruitment activities, environmental restoration projects and plenty more.


#5 Opportunities beyond the classroom


Another very important addition to your learning is real-world experience that will set you apart from other graduates when applying for your dream job. You will have the opportunities to develop soft skills, acquire practical experience and apply innovative solutions in the Student Ambassador Program.


#6 Invitations to functions, business, community and networking events


Darwin is full of fascinating events of all sorts. All you have to do is to explore as many of them as you can as an Ambassador. There are festivals, musicals, dance performances, sports, and theatre. It is totally up to you to visit where you want in the city. You will never get bored! You just need to walk around or have a look online to find something appealing to do and then share it with the community.


The purpose of the StudyNT Student Ambassadors Program is to promote NT as an ideal study destination and place to call home for international students. Therefore, StudyNT will always provide you with the support, tools and training you need to do this successfully.

NT an ideal study destination and a place to call home

Currently, the applications for the 2021 StudyNT Student Ambassador Program is yet to open. It should open within one month or two. For more information about the program, please visit the StudyNT website at

Last reviewed date: 11/11/2020

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