The 10 Best Indoor Activities to Do in Darwin on a Rainy Day

    By Ken Teo at Ausinet – 19 November 2020 – Australian Institute of Electrotechnology
Indoor Actvities to Do on a Rainy Day During Wet Season

Darwin is sunny throughout the year with 3100 hours of annual average sun hours. However, when the wet season rolls in between November to April, the high levels of humidity, along with monsoonal rains and storms hit Darwin. But rain can’t stop you from doing physical activities for recreation and staying fit, especially in the capital of Northern Territory. There are a great number of things to do and enjoy around the city. Here are 10 of the best things to do in Darwin on a rainy day:

1) Museum and Art Gallery of the NT

Museum and Art Gallery of the NT - Local artists exhibits and art pieces

The NT has a fascinating history for its prehistoric indigenous culture and identity dating back over 60,000 years. In the Museum and Art Gallery of the NT, you can learn about the origins of the city and Territory which will make you acknowledge the meanings of what you are experiencing here. Besides, the displays in the museum and gallery are captivating. There are contemporary and traditional exhibits and art pieces, with a focus on local artists.

2) Parliament House

Parliament House in Darwin CBD

By kenhodge13 – originally posted to Flickr as IMG_0258, CC BY 2.0,

The Parliament House stands as one of the nation’s most significant historic sites. The building rests on the site of the Post Office and Telegraph Station which were bombed during the first Japanese bombing raid on Darwin in 1942. Parliament House in Darwin opened in 1994 and is a spectacular example of a contemporary tropical building. To visit it, you may choose to join a free guided tour or enjoy a laid-back self-guided tour.

3) Mindil Beach Casino Resort

Mindil Beach Casino Resort, Australian second casino

By Bidgee – Own work, CC BY 3.0,

Mindil Beach Casino Resort was the second casino to ever open in Australia and is the only casino in Darwin. The interior is well-appointed with a marvellous collection of tables and machines. You will also find premier restaurants, a swimming pool with a spa, fancy bars and resort-style accommodation. Even if you are not into gambling, it is fun to wander around the resort and take in the beautiful setting and the plush atmosphere.

4) Aboriginal Bush Traders, Outstation Gallery and Mbantua Gallery

Aboriginal Bush Traders with a variety of indigenous artworks

Image Courtesy from Aboriginal Bush Traders Facebook

The NT has remarkable indigenous art and culture, and there is plenty of ways to learn about it. Particularly, galleries such as the Aboriginal Bush Traders, Outstation Gallery and Mbantua Gallery are well worth a visit for art lovers. Alternatively, you can enjoy excellent indigenous cultural tours at the Pudakul Aboriginal Cultural Tours, which is less than an hour drive from Darwin.

5) The Rock Centre

The Rock Centre, the only indoor climbing gym in Darwin

Image Courtesy from The Rock Centre Facebook

The Rock Centre is the only climbing gym in the entire city of Darwin. In fact, it is a distinctive indoor gym where you can climb inside an old WWII oil tank, clamber up the wall, and try and reach the top. No matter if you are a beginner looking for a new skill or a more advanced climber looking for a challenge, The Rock Centre will be able to help you by setting up the appropriate levels of difficulty.

6) Flip Out Darwin

Flip Out Darwin, the only indoor trampoline park in Darwin

Image Courtesy from Flip Out Trampoline Arena Facebook

Flip Out in the NT is part of Australia’s largest network of indoor trampoline parks. It is an excellent destination for a day out with family and friends. One bounce and you will “Flip Out” with excitement. With loads of fitness activities, awesome birthday parties and family events, there is enjoyment for everyone. You can even hire the whole Flip Out for your function with a Flip Out tailored package.

7) Darwin Military Museum and World War II Oil Storage Tunnels

World War II Oil Storage Tunnels, located beneath a cliff within the city

By Andrew in Darwin – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

Darwin was one of the few places on Australia’s mainland to be directly attacked by the Japanese during WWII. You can learn about the history of Darwin in the war in the Darwin Military Museum. Besides, there are some original WWII tunnels hidden beneath a cliff right within the city. These tunnels were built back in the day to store fuel. You can still enter the tunnels today and visit them.

8) Darwin Ice Skating Centre

Darwin Ice Skating Centre, the coolest place in Darwin

Image Courtesy from Darwin Ice Skating Facebook

Darwin Ice Skating Centre is the coolest place in the city. People of all ages can go ice skating and there’s no harm in trying if you haven’t ever done so. Darwin Ice Skating Centre staff will give you some useful tips to help you started. But if you are still unconfident about doing ice skating, there is a little penguin that you can hire which will help you to stay up on your skate and glide with pride.

9) Shopping Mall and Cinema

Casuarina Square - The biggest shopping complex in NT

Bidgee, CC BY-SA 3.0 AU <>, via Wikimedia Commons

Shopping and watching movies are the best things to do when it is raining. You can go to a  shopping complex such as Casuarina Square or Gateway Shopping Centre. All the shops and car parks are undercover and you will find major brand stores and Event cinemas there. Additionally, there are great grocery shops, food court, retailers, restaurants and arcade games. You can easily spend your whole day there.

10) Royal Flying Doctor Service and Darwin Aviation Museum

Darwin Aviation Museum with impressive aircraft displays

By Apple1Pie – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

If you are interested in the history of aviation in Australia, you can visit the Royal Flying Doctor Service Darwin Tourist Facility (RFDS) or go to the Darwin Aviation Museum (DAM). The RFDS features the birth, growth and heroic tales of RFDS as well as the bombing of Darwin in 1942. The DAM is a place housing several amazing military and civil aircraft.

Last reviewed date: 19/11/2020

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