The 7 Best Cafes to Have Breakfast at in Darwin

The 7 Best Cafes to Have Breakfast at in Darwin

    By Ken Teo at Ausinet – 29 December 2020 – Australian Institute of Electrotechnology
A Laid-back Breakfast Cafe

A healthy breakfast helps you kick off your day and give you energy from early morning until late afternoon. Your first meal is also the most beneficial meal of the day as it replenishes your body, boosts energy, and saves you from being tired.


Over the last few years, the city of Darwin has managed to offer its residents several breakfast options. Cafes open early, serving a wide variety of food from toast, oatmeal, porridge to soup, cakes, fish, juices and much more. Numerous cafes throughout Darwin offer great breakfast options. Here are 7 of the best breakfast places to eat in Darwin:

1) Boatshed Coffee House

⌚ 7:30 am – 2:30 pm

📱 08 8981 0200

📍 56 Marina Blvd, Larrakeyah NT 0820

The Boatshed Coffee House is the ideal place to start your day or simply relax and enjoy a delicious breakfast. Since the Boatshed is located on the port side, it has a super relaxed atmosphere with a seaside breeze.


They serve Nutella Crepes, which are incredibly delicious and worth a shot. They also have some light, healthy breakfast options and do a mean smoothie as well.

Boatshed Coffee House at Port Side

Image Courtesy from Boatshed Coffee House & Cafe Cullen Bay Facebook

Eva’s Cafe in the Darwin Botanic Gardens

Image Courtesy from Eva’s Botanic Gardens Cafe Facebook

2) Eva’s Cafe

⌚ 8:00 am – 3:00 pm

📱 04 4747 4776

📍 Gardens Rd, The Gardens NT 0820

There is nothing more relaxing than being in a beautiful garden and immersing yourself in nature’s beauty. Eva’s Cafe, situated in the Darwin Botanic Gardens at the Wesleyan Church, serves Darwin’s best coffee, prepared by expert baristas.


Eva’s serves great cakes, salads, fresh juices, and toasts. They also have a full breakfast and lunch menu you can dig into. . Since it is located in the heart of the Darwin Botanic Gardens, it is worth paying those a visit and taking a post breakfast walk.

3) The Foreshore Restaurant & Cafe

⌚ 7:00 am – 10:00 pm

📱 08 8948 4488

📍 259 Casuarina Dr, Nightcliff NT 0810

The Foreshore Restaurant & Cafe is like no other. Right next to the sea, the cafe offers an amazing beachfront view. Indulging in the delicious breakfast and breathing in the fresh air from the beach is a great way to relax after a busy week.


While having your morning coffee fix, you can eat the famous smoked ocean trout, poached eggs, sweet potato puree, brekky salad or house dukkah. The Foreshore also provides customers with a walk-up counter for takeaways.

The Foreshore Restaurant & Cafe with Amazing Beachfront View

Image Courtesy from The Foreshore Restaurant & Cafe Facebook

Laneway Specialty Coffee in the Parap

Image Courtesy from Laneway Specialty Coffee Facebook

4) Laneway Specialty Coffee

⌚ 7:00 am – 3:00 pm

📱 08 8941 4511

📍 4/1 Vickers St, Parap NT 0820

Located in the Parap suburb, Laneway Specialty Coffee specialties are fresh food, fresh juices, sweet treats, and of course coffees. Their sweets treats are baked fresh daily and you can choose vegetarian, vegan or gluten-free options for the food you order.


You can grab a seat at the Laneway’s communal table for some tempting Campos Coffee. If you fancy something else, there is a lot on the menu to choose from.

5) Rendezvous Cafe

⌚ 10:30 am – 9:00 pm

📱 08 8981 9231

📍 22 Mitchell St, Darwin City NT 0800

For authentic and typical Asian delights, head to Rendezvous Cafe in Mitchell St. This family-operated business in Darwin’s commercial district has been serving its amazing Asian dishes for 14 years.


Rendezvous Cafe is a great place to taste Darwin’s famous laksa soup. The spicy dish features thick noodles, roasted meat, and a pinch of sambal chilli.

Rendezvous Cafe with Its Signature Laksa Soup

Image Courtesy from Rendezvous Cafe Facebook

De La Plage Located Along the Casuarina Coastal Reserve

Image Courtesy from De la Plage Facebook

6) De La Plage

⌚ 7:00 am – 2:00 pm

📱 04 0362 3363

📍 Darwin Surf Life Saving Club, Darribah Rd Darwin NT 0810

De La Plage is ideal for a family breakfast if you are out at the Casuarina Coastal Reserve and is also pooch-friendly. The whole idea of a cafe on the beachfront works great and the food is just delicious.  It provides the most relaxed ambience with its colourful beanbags, hammocks and umbrellas.


Be an early bird and try the house specialities for breakfast. You can choose to have your breakfast under their iconic cafe umbrella or lie on a picnic rug while enjoying the vibe of a cafe by the beach.

7) Karma Cafe

⌚ 7:00 am – 2:00 pm

📱 04 4907 3902

📍 119/12 Salonika St, Parap NT 0820

Karma Cafe is well-known for its speciality of healthy and easy breakfast. If you need low calorie and low-fat breakfasts without feeling like a real struggle, this is the place to go.


For muscle-building, you can order a protein-rich breakfast consisting of poached eggs, goat cheese and rye toast. Others can also try its fruit-and-vegetable driven menu such as baked capsicum and tomato filled with mixed vegetables. It is definitely a healthy place to start your day and enjoy a delicious breakfast.

Karma Cafe with Its Health and Fitness-themed meals

Image Courtesy from Karma cafe in Darwin Facebook

Last reviewed date: 29/12/2020

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